Red Line Underground and Poor Tom's Gin presents

Shakespeare by Night






Shakey is back. 
And he’s back BY NIGHT. 

Selected Shakespeare scenes lit only by candlelight. That is the original concept behind ‘Shakespeare by Night’.

These scenes include a few classics and a few lesser knowns. All submitted and devised by people in the industry, curated by an all-female production team.

The maiden performance of Shakespeare by Night played to a sell-out crowd in a warehouse space, Flow Studios in Camperdown. This time, The Fitz will plunge into darkness and a wealth of local talent will bring Shakey back for just one night. 

“Shakespeare By Night is raw and immediate, an exciting night in the theatre.

It’s Shakespeare at its most elemental – actors, audience and language. I loved it.”
- James Evans, Associate Director, Bell Shakespeare

Created and Curated by Grace Victoria and Isabella Debbage
Produced with Jess Pantano and Michelle Sverdloff


Alex Neal - Clarence
Anneliese Apps - Rosalind
Elijah Williams - Othello
Eliza Scott - Ophelia
Emma Diaz - Murderer
Emma O’Sullivan - Adriana
Felix Johnson - Murderer
Giuseppe Rotondella - Bottom
Grace Victoria - Lady Macbeth
Jack Crumlin - Macbeth
Jack Scott - Titania
Jackson Blair-West - Romeo
Jayden Byrne - Julien
Jessica Murphy - Portia
Lukas Radovich - Orlando
Maddison Burridge - Katherina
Mikaela Atallah - Nerissa
Patrick Jhanur - Petruchio
Rory O’Keeffe - Iago
Sarah Greenwood - Luciana
Zelman Cressey-Gladwin - Antophilus of Syracuse

Brittany Santariga - Director, The Comedy of Errors
Emma O'Sullivan - Director, As You Like It
Isabella Debbage - Director, Othello, Hamlet, Macbeth
Jack Crumlin - Director, Richard III
James Harltey - Director, The Merchant of Venice
Jamie Collette - Director, Romeo & Juliet
Megan Wilding - Director, A Midsummer Night's Dream
Ruby O’Kelly - Director, The Taming of the Shrew


Mel Senter as Lady M  /  Photography: Tom Cramond

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