Life 's  but  a  walking  shadow



April 8 at The Old Fitz Theatre


The Old Fitz is going back to black on April 8. Join us as we plunge your favourite Sydney theatre into near darkness and dish up selected Shakespeare scenes lit only by candlelight, performed by some of the brightest young stars in Sydney.

Do you want to submit?


Read the following carefully and                       but make haste as its due February 10, Midnight.


We will look favourably on original, clear and creative pitches that soundly grasp the concept of a candlelit theatre experience and what it can consequently evoke for a live audience.


In your submission please include ALL of the following:

  • Your name and contact details

  • The Creatives involved in your concept so far. Please note that this SBN we encourage you to pitch yourself in a scene as an individual. If you have other actors you'd like to work with please include them, but note that we may have to cast from within the ensemble.

  • State the Play, noting the Act and Scene

  • Attach a copy of the scene noting any edits you wish to apply to it

  • Confirm your FULL AVAILABILITY on April 7th and 8th

  • Note other availabilities:1st to 6th April, your availabilities through March for group rehearsals

  • Note if you are a singer or can play an instrument etc (not essential)

  • Add a headshot and bio (not essential but helps us put a face to the name)

  • “Life's but a walking shadow” - please interpret this phrase for yourself and let it guide you in your selections. How does the light and the dark affect the scene you’ve selected? For example, is there a secondary character that deserves to come out of the shadows and take the key light? Or is there a duplicity to a character you’d like to explore? Or is it a scene that is set at night and therefore literally plays out in the shadows? Or could it be you want fully illuminate a scene not often performed that has lived in the shadows until now? Go nuts, be as imaginative as you wish, and pitch us anything.

Finally, please note we strongly encourage interpretations that challenge traditional roles of gender and race, be bold and look at Shakey’s work with fresh eyes and be as original as you wish.


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